zondle Team Play guide and supporting materials
Neuroscience for whole-class learning
Knowledge rehearsal, collaborative learning,
engagement, learning processes, and competition.

zondle Team Play enables teachers to use a game-based approach to whole-class teaching. It has been designed for use on IWBs (interactive whiteboards) or with computer projectors and screens.

zondle Team Play uses any standard MCQ (multiple choice question) zondle topic, but it works best when the topic also includes teaching materials exported from a PowerPoint presentation.

A zondle Team Play session alternates between the teacher using the teaching materials to introduce some new concepts, and the students playing gaming rounds that test and enhance their understanding of those concepts.

Team Play - What is zondle Team Play?
Team Play - using zondle Team Play
Team Play - Learning content slides
Team Play - Question references
Team Play - Team Play Remote (BYOD)
How to prepare for and use zondle Team Play
(which buttons to press, so that you can use the app exactly as you want).
How to use zondle Team Play to support your teaching: developing the learning content, designing questions, different types of round, and teachable moments.
The neuroscience of knowledge rehearsal, collaborative learning, engagement, learning processes, and competition – all which underpins the zondle Team Play approach to teaching and learning.
Quite simply, the best guide to writing high quality effective multiple choice questions you’ll ever come across (written by Dr Paul Howard-Jones)!
Question symbols and team names (letters) PDF, for easy printing.
Try our sample "Tudors" topic in zondle Team Play.
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NB Questions (for students to play in games) can be written in any language!